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The Mulian Hotel Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town is located in Jinshui Road, Zhujiang New Town Center, Tianhe District, Guangzhou Central Business District, adjacent to Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, Pazhou Exhibition Hall, visa office of US Consulate General in Guangzhou, IFC, Guangzhou Grand Theater, Guangdong Provincial Museum, Huacheng square, Guangzhou tower and Haixinsha, the opening venue of Asian Games, It is far away from the vibrant CBD business center; The Pearl River Park on one side of the hotel brings you the nature and tranquility in the prosperous city.
The hotel is a self operated boutique hotel under Hejing Taifu real estate Holding Co., Ltd. (stock exchange of Hong Kong listing number: 1813)“ The hotel is designed by the famous Jingxin design studio in Taiwan, and the map design studio in Singapore serves as the art and interior design consultant of the hotel. Modern simple style perfectly integrates the essence of nature, art and elegance into the hotel space.
The hotel covers all-weather high-speed wireless WiFi Internet access, and has more than 100 quiet and comfortable rooms in the CBD of Zhujiang New City, all of which use king koil star bed in the United States; The multimedia panel in the room is equipped with HDMI, AV, VGA, USB and other interfaces. The full HD LED LCD TV can watch more than 50 global satellite channels. Art collections from all over the world can experience the cultural taste of mulianzhuang brand everywhere.
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FAQs when booking at The Mulian Hotel Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town
  • How far is the hotel from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport?

    The Mulian Hotel Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town is 28.9km from the airport.

  • Does The Mulian Hotel Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at The Mulian Hotel Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town?

    Check-in time is from 12:00, and check-out time is until 13:00 at The Mulian Hotel Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town.

  • Does The Mulian Hotel Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town have a pool or gym?

    The hotel has a gym, but no pool. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does The Mulian Hotel Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does The Mulian Hotel Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does The Mulian Hotel Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does The Mulian Hotel Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at The Mulian Hotel Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town?

    Each costs cny48 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at The Mulian Hotel Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town?

    The room prices is from cny568, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • jjjlion
    Be quiet! In rainy weather, the main wood decoration of the hotel has become a strange smell, which is basically satisfactory.
  • luyppc
    It's not bad. It's cost-effective. The only drawback is that there are no windows. The sound insulation is a little poor. You can hear people talking outside!
  • Lester Xu
    Very good
  • dding123
    The location is hard to find, the hotel's standard is not clear, the hardware facilities and services are good, the breakfast is too simple, everything else is within a reasonable range.
  • Steamed egg of @_@ @_@
    The new hotel is very quiet, the bed is very comfortable, the mini bar is free, but there are too few supporting facilities, the room is also a little small, and the cost performance is a little low. People who like a quiet environment can live.
  • anna1969
    The decoration of the hotel is very good and characteristic
  • lifecon
    The environment is very good and quiet. The room is elegant and quiet. Praise.
  • binbin999
    not bad
  • dowrose
    Very angry
  • baowei551010
    Breakfast is poor and there are few supporting facilities around.
  • Mm deep and soul-mm
    pretty good!
  • Annieseow
    I'm familiar with that area. It's still hard to find. In Yufeng community. The price in this area is very cost-effective, and the front desk attitude is also very good. As it is a newly opened hotel, there is nothing to be picky about the hardware, which is simple and luxurious. But the small cosmetic mirror in the room is too high. For tall people, it is easier to adjust the mirror. But I'm going to stand on tiptoe. 160 is not high, but it's not short. I'm satisfied with everything except this.
  • e00481188
    not bad
  • cswang
    It's hard to find a place. The hotel design has a hard injury. The room has no windows. The air conditioner can only be cooled. There is no full-body mirror. The bathroom mirror is too high for dwarfs. The bathroom has no plug and the hair dryer can't look at the mirror. The hotel is very new and the facilities are quite good. There is only bread for breakfast
    not bad
  • Icylava
    The traffic is inconvenient and difficult to find. The room is good except that there are no windows. The sound insulation is a little poor.
  • babyneeed
    First of all, the hotel itself is very hidden. It is in the community opposite the north gate of the Pearl River Park, so the surrounding environment is very good. The hotel itself has only 1 and 2 floors. If the guest room is large, there is no meal ordering service, and there is no bathrobe or nursing bag in the bathroom. The sound insulation effect is very general. I heard the sound of knocking on the wall next door all night ~ I wonder?, In addition, I stayed for two nights. The next morning, I hung the card to clean the room and no one came outside. Later, I thought it might be that I turned on the do not disturb light. In the afternoon, I turned off the light and specially called the front desk to clean the room. When I came back in the evening, no one came to clean up. This is very excessive. Besides breakfast, as shown in the picture, I'm also drunk. I'm not in the hotel. It's a small restaurant 40 meters away from the hotel. What a pity there are few things?, Even the tea was made with tea bags?! The price of Zhujiang New Town is medium, but I think the star rating can only be three stars. If you want to live in a cheap family, you'd better live in a hotel apartment. If you want to live in a more luxurious family, you'd better consider another family. I think it's general. It's only this time.
  • allie
  • Caice
    Good, no window, just
  • Gerry2046
    The environment is average, barely.
  • lim01
    It's OK
  • gladbanana
    It's OK
  • infan
  • rosa_g
    The hotel is OK. The price is on the high side (no windows). Honest management is the key!
  • ciade
  • caoyuxiu
    Very good, very good, very good,
  • bombomjt
    The hotel environment is quite satisfactory and the room is clean.
  • ambit
    I made a reservation for my friends. I stayed in this hotel for the first time. The decoration is very beautiful and has the feeling of culture and art. It's really comfortable to live here. Nearby is also very close to sun Xintiandi. It's more convenient to watch movies and eat. The service attitude of the waiters is also quite good. The living room is well arranged, the sound insulation effect is average, and the cost performance is high.
  • baotianfang
    I've stayed in countless hotels of the same price in Guangzhou. This is the worst one! First, the room is too small to open my 29 inch box. Second, there is no full-length mirror in the room. Third, the male lobby manager's attitude is like shit. When we come back in the evening, he has a bad attitude and asks if there are two people in our room number and registered ID card. We take out the room card and say that both of them have registered. He is still reluctant! Like we owe money, we didn't clean the room, didn't change the towel, called him and asked him to take it. He said that he would take it if he had any, and he didn't have to give it. The first time I stayed in a rotten hotel without towel! We don't know where the lights are without cleaning! It's very depressing to live in a crowded room without windows! I won't stay for another five nights. I stayed for two nights. I'm very serious. I'm thinking about whether to stay in another hotel. This 300 Yuan Apartment Hotel can't afford to be as bad as it is
  • lin800114
    Great designer boutique hotel. Lack of facilities. Great for short stay. No window in room.
  • asdwe
    Just have a window!
  • ADA2299
    The hotel is very stylish. The room facilities are also very complete. Unfortunately, I have a windowless room. I always feel a little stuffy. I feel very comfortable together with others. If you can book a window room, I believe it must be good. Good front desk service!
  • laprincesse
    It's very upscale, but the location is very bad. It's inconvenient to take the subway or taxi. It takes ten minutes to have a big restaurant
  • AmberJiang
    New! How new! Good service, too!
  • belu11
    It's a good hotel. The decoration style is very good. The location is also very good. The overall feeling is very good. It looks very simple and relatively quiet. It's suitable for business trip.
  • Jingxi
    This hotel is not bad, but there are too many windowless rooms because of the pattern. Moreover, the smell of clean disinfectant can't be dispersed. It's all in the room. It's recommended that the ventilation machine can't be stopped to strengthen the ventilation efficiency of windowless rooms. Close the bathroom door after the plot. Or replace it with a slightly mild disinfectant.
  • Rylai
    Good location
  • bianmd
    Good environment
  • claireliu71
    There are no windows, the environment is good
  • bdyangyuan
    Always satisfied.
  • bingsenguo
    All services are average, but as for business trips and prices, they are still acceptable.
  • e02289944
    It will be prosperous
  • cici travel
    The hotel is relatively new. It's hard to find. I booked it for people. I heard everything else was OK.
    The lobby is beautiful and the corridor is tortuous. Parking is very troublesome. I have to go in from the entrance of Ruifeng community. The hotel has a private parking space and the security guard can help you unlock it, but there is no sign in the garage to tell the guests where the hotel parking space is. It took me a long time.
  • e00664809
    Quiet, comfortable, convenient transportation circle, good attitude of waiters, close to residential areas, and convenient to buy daily necessities.
  • e00029496
    Very personalized decoration
  • sunmiannong
    Overall, it's not bad. be quiet. It's more modern. But there are no windows
  • debao3
    Clean, quiet, is the room is too small, no desk, work up inconvenient
  • myu_lin
    It's a bit difficult to find a place. You can only find it by navigation. When you go to the hotel platform for consultation, you know that parking at the entrance is a charge. The parking lot of the hotel has to go around an intersection to get there. However, the environment of the hotel is good, clean and simple. The room doesn't say that the sound insulation is bad. It's small and comfortable. The price of this area is impeccable
    Good, but it's more expensive than before
  • abse1981
    it 's not bad
  • jdjia
    The location of the hotel is good, the environment is also very good and clean! The boy at the front desk provided average service and ignored it.
  • l890475
    The design taste is novel and unique. It is a very different hotel. Very quiet, warm. The location is slightly off, but it's convenient to take a taxi. The most commendable is the single price of room drinks, which is fair and reasonable, not the predatory and absurd high price. It can be seen that the hotel's sincerity in providing reasonable and convenient services is very rare! The hotel is also equipped with vending machines to provide more choices!
    It's great. I feel tall as soon as I enter the door. The price is moderate. Very satisfied
  • djy05
    Not bad. The environment is OK, but the ventilation is not very good.
  • a9202507
    As always
  • betty88
    The attitude of the service staff was very good
  • Eamonn
    The hotel is very new and decorated with style, but I almost lost my way on the first day. If I go there next time, I will choose it
  • cbciveco
    not bad
  • e02314679
    not bad
  • Jason_wang2
    I'm very satisfied in general. The room I live in has no windows. I have to exhaust. The exhaust sound is very loud. I can't sleep well at night
  • lidianmo
    Always choose this one! Very good!
  • lagender
    very good